Does Content Marketing Really Work Well With SEO – Search Engine Rankings

Content Indexing 300x168 Does Content Marketing Really Work Well With SEO – Search Engine RankingsThere is a great deal of chatter going on about the role that search engine optimization plays with content. Content marketing is often times a matter of posting a great deal of information on the web and hoping that it sticks. Too often, people end up missing out on the greater good that comes with working on unique content in favor of shortcuts and more. If you want to chase shortcuts, you are more than welcome to do so, just remember, it’s not going to help your cause moving forward. In time, shortcuts will be the number one detriment that you’re going to find yourself in. So to combat that, you’ll need to work on content marketing and more importantly, understand how it effects seo and rankings overall.

Content is Indexed Fast (most of it)

There is content that gets indexed immediately and then there are items that take time to post to the search engines. For instance, if you were to update a video on a video sharing website, you would get indexed fast. Sometimes within 10 to 12 hours or less. That seems lightning fast compared to the 24 – 48 hours that it can take for a blog post to register. In some instances, blog posts can end up far and away gone when it comes to search engines. Ranking higher and higher requires constant publishing and information that is more than just drivel.

Traffic Matters

content Traffic 300x162 Does Content Marketing Really Work Well With SEO – Search Engine RankingsOne thing that effects seo and content is that of traffic. If you have a site that has minimal market share and you’re not seeing a lot of traffic overall, then you are going to rank lower. Low ranking sites do not get a lot of traffic, whether through advertising or organic searches. That matters a great deal, and you should look to marketing to fix this. Alongside publishing a lot of different forms of text, video and more on your pages, make sure that you are looking into advertising to gain a little bit of an edge. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend thousands of dollars, but rather look into gaining traffic that is going to help you get off the ground and raise your rank. Rankings rise when traffic rises through advertising or any other solution you may chase.

Does It Actually Work?

The answer to the initial question is, maybe. There are some people that claim that this works marvelously. The formula is simple: publish content + search engine optimization, equals traffic and rankings. This seems like a straightforward solution, but you will find that it’s not that easy to quantify. In many instances, you are going to end up losing out big. The problem becomes a matter of the “right” content. If you post a lot of large blocks of text, you will end up losing out. Plain and simple. Unless you’re starting a journalism site or an online magazine, you will not want to have 1,000 word blog posts or blocks of content with no sort of break in the action.

One last thing that should be noted is that the use of the word “content”, doesn’t denote only one thing. There are a lot of different things that you will need to work with. Just like seo, you need several branches working together to gain market share, it’s that simple. If you do not, you will have a limited view of the future and could end up missing out on the traffic that is waiting for those that comply with optimization strategies that actually work. Working with optimized solutions will only prove to create a good overall traffic and ranking in today’s search engines. In the end, whatever you do, make sure that you do not stop publishing.